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Modernize... Embrace technology!

Posted by Trevor Perry on Sep 25, 2012 1:08:00 PM

Modernization is quite simple - it is what I.T. does every day. We in I.T. provide solutions to business problems, whether that is new systems or replacement systems. At some point we will modernize one or more of these: applications, infrastructure, systems, users, developers or business. And the most effective trend I have seen is when I.T. departments in SMB companies stop talking, and start doing.

Most initial modernization requests come from users in regard to the user interface. When a user has a PC at home with a modern graphical user interface, they start asking us why their work application requires that “old-looking” green screen. [LS1] Often, the only defense of the green screen comes not from the users, but from I.T. people who argue bitterly about how the users won’t change, how they are so fast at using the emulator, how easy it is for them, and so on.. In my experience, this indicates quite the opposite phenomenon. It is not the users who are resisting change, but the developers.

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Topics: IBM i, Application Modernization