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Posted by Brendan Kay on May 22, 2013 8:40:00 PM


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It has been an extremely busy month and I think I have spent more time in planes than I have at home. I must admit that I am looking forward to re-introducing myself to my family but the activities of the last month have been very exciting none-the-less. I am hoping that my family are also looking forward to seeing me around more but with teenage kids you can never take these things for granted :-).

The events of the last month have allowed me quality time with my second family - the IBM i community and I have been very excited by the energy and ambition that they constantly show.

For me, one of the biggest highlights was the latest iBelieve event held in Boston last week. Whilst the city was still recovering up to the incomprehensible events of the previous week, the resolve of the city and the country to keep moving forward and supporting those directly effected was very moving.

At the iBelieve event there was another outstanding collection of speakers (and me :-).

The month started with COMMON in Austin which brought together IBM iBelievers form all around the world and kicked off the 25th birthday celebrations for the platform that started as AS/400. It has been fascinating to look back at just how much the platform has been able to progress because of the amazing foresight and technical prowess of Dr Frank Soltis and his amazing group of engineers.

That was followed with iBelieve that again brought together a stellar cast of speakers to explain the strength of the IBM i platform and the architectural foresight that has allowed it to continue to be the premiere business computing platform for 25 years.

Framingham was also the site of the NEUGC conference which also brought the IBM i community together for a terrific mix of celebration and education. There were very many high quality presentations at NEUGC but I would particularly like to highlight Steve Will's "Why i" presentation. I thought it was the highlight of the event and really clearly spelt out the benefits that IBM i offers to businesses that every other platform is busy trying to emulate.

Having spent so much time travelling and speaking to IBM i users, vendors and educators, I am so impressed by the passion that the platform still inspires. Whilst there is never any shortage of nay-sayers and pessimists, the iCommunity is definitely strong and motivated.

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