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Posted by Brendan Kay on May 22, 2013 9:32:00 PM


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I have been waiting for a few spare moments to write about a fantastic development for RPG Open Access.

As you would already know, I personally and looksoftware collectively have been big supporters of the RPG Open Access Metadata Open Standard. We strongly believe that this standard will strengthen the RPG OA community and greatly benefit customers who are using Open Access. It will also ensure that vendors who offer Open Access solutions know that their solutions will need to be better than other's offerings or else they can be more easily replaced. Vendor lock-in can be eliminated with a strong open standard. 

The news that I wanted to ensure everybody saw was the announcement at COMMON in Austin earlier this month of the approval college for the next version of the standard. As you may already know, version 1 of the standard was announced at COMMON the previous year and version 2 is currently being proposed.

The approval college consist of an outstanding collection of RPG luminaries.

The members are:

  • Tim Rowe - Business Architect Application Development & Systems Management for IBM i
  • Barbara Morris - the product owner for RPG development at IBM
  • Pascal Polverini - RPG Open Access specialist at looksoftware (and architect of the best Open Access solution ever produced ;-).
  • Jon Paris - leading RPG and IBM i development expert
  • Vern Hamberg - Senior IT Developer and longtime member of the IBM ISV Advisory Council

As you can see, this is an amazing collection of talent and expertise - it would not be possible to create a better group to guide the ongoing development of the standard. The fact that IBM has Tim and Barbara on the approval college demonstrates the importance of both Open Access and the open standard.

Visit the OA Standards Wiki today 

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