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Posted by Nick Hampson on Jul 25, 2013 8:59:00 PM


If you read my last article, you will note by now how resourceful this UX mag is. Hence my reference to yet another great article from the guys over at UX Mag.

This blog, is on flat UI design.

My personal thoughts are pretty close to this article, as I do like the fact that FLAT UI gets rid of 'bells and whistles' that add no real value.

I understand the concept of skeuomorphism and I like the idea of an affordance with the real world BUT when it comes down to fake leather stitching, I really do lose the will to live.

Apple’s Scott Forstall was a famous proponent of skeuomorphism and we all know how that played out for him :-) 

Seriously though, affordance is a good thing, but flat UI does not have to go against that.

The ideal is a design that is clear of visual clutter, but can still be beautiful and functional at the same time. Many people gee up and think that’s not possible but it just takes some time and love, and understanding to achieve.

Windows 8 UI

Windows 8 has gone a long way toward this, although again, my personal view is that they should have rounded some corners, as the UI can be a bit jarring. 

Apple IOS currently in beta has some real elements of beauty but I really hope they work on those icons, they just don't feel part of the rest of the UI at the moment.

And what about IBM i? Well I suppose there is an argument that 5250 is the ultimate flat UI, it's so flat its lying down in a coma :-) What 5250 lacks is not flat or a skeuomorphic approach, but richness. 

Anyway take a look at what UX mag has to say about Flat UI



Something to keep in mind ;)

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