Show me the IBM i GUI !

Posted by Nick Hampson on Sep 6, 2013 12:53:00 AM


OK so time for some interaction!

I'm feeling like this blog is just me talking...

What I would love to see is your samples and your green & GUI work. Comment with what you have done or even what you would like to do with GUI screens on your IBM i.

I'll start off by showing that even with 5250 it's possible to be cool and creative!

In December 2011 I did a demo for a company, it was pretty typical in terms of business requirements and needs; but as soon as I opened their screens to build a demo I was amazed by the sign on screen. Yep, you read that right, I was amazed by a 5250 UI and by that I mean amazed in a good way.

I chatted to the developer Paul and asked if I could use these in the future to which he replied "sure" and sent me another screen for Thanksgiving. So here we go, cool green screens.


What you don't see here is that all the red items actually blink, it's genuinely cool stuff.


Just look at this, the dude made a turkey with characters.

I usually want to get away from 5250 to GUI as soon as possible but this inspired me - if you can make a Christmas tree or a turkey in 5250 why cant the UI be anything you want it to be?

What I'd like you to send me is GUI screens you have made for customers or your company. Or, if you have a novel screen in 5250 that solves an issue in a unique way - I'd love to see that too.

I'm waiting.......... don't leave me here all on my own!

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