Making time to learn new things: The iBelieve tour is back

Posted by Paul Hodgkinson on Oct 30, 2015 2:15:39 PM


Almost everyone I know in IT is busy.

Not just “too busy to talk today, but let’s catch up tomorrow.” Not even “this is high-season, but let’s get together in a couple of months.” No – everyone is “I’m doing the job of three people and I can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel” busy.

I’d like to run a survey of IT Management and ask “Do you have enough people to manage your team’s workload?” I’m fairly confident that more than 70% would say no. Many organisations seem to have scaled back their IBM i teams, while ironically increasing their workload with demands for solutions like mobile access, web-enablement, integration and data accessibility. So IT Management are being asked to deliver more with less. Not exactly news, but increasingly, the default response is to “firefight” – deal with the most immediate issues and leave any real development or enhancement on the back burner indefinitely.

We all know that firefighting is not a long-term strategy. It’s not even a good short-term strategy, as it quickly becomes a habit. However difficult it may be, you need to find a little time to investigate options and develop a strategic plan. To that end, the iBelieve and COMMON Europe Tour is hosting five one-day events in Europe in October and November. This year, the tour is joined by leading experts from IBM, Fresche Legacy, looksoftware, Axsos and iTheis. Please click here to register.

Here are five reasons why just a single day on the tour will be the best investment you’ve made in years:

  1. The sessions will address strategic questions that are often overlooked in the busyness of IT. From considering why to remain on i, to looking practically at how to develop your strategy, to analysing how to implement the strategy (where to begin), they are all created specifically to encourage, challenge and inform IT Management in the context of under-resourced teams.
  2. IBM will show what is available and what is coming on the platform, as well as addressing questions over their support for IBM i moving forward.
  3. Every delegate will have an opportunity to question the speakers directly during the Q&A session – so whether you want to challenge IBM’s commitment or ask how a strategic template applies directly to your business, you will have the chance.
  4. This is an entirely neutral event – none of the speakers will recommend any specific products, or attempt to sell a particular approach. The sessions will recognise that each application and IT team is unique, and will focus on how to identify the best solution for your own environment from the many vendors and solutions available.
  5. An IBM i user will show how they have successfully developed a modernization strategy and implemented phases, demonstrating success and ROI at each stage. Many other attendees will also have implemented successful projects, and there will be an opportunity to network before, during and after the day’s sessions.

The iBelieve event has challenged and inspired many hundreds of people over the last two years, with a strong focus on encouraging attendees to support the platform. This year we step forward to deliver practical advice and education on how to thrive with IBM – how to deliver huge results with small teams, and to effectively support your organization into the future. I hope to see you there.

Paul Hodgkinson.

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