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Posted by Sanat Dickson on Jun 17, 2014 9:17:00 PM


IBMi-apps-mobile-blog-picAcross all industries today, mobile applications are being used to conduct business, drive productivity, connect with consumers, and access one of the most robust and effective systems for the past 25 years, the IBM i.

Now more than ever before, global organizations need to consider mobile-enablement in their business processes, if they have not already. Your business applications have the potential to play an integral role in the productivity and longevity of your brand and indeed your company’s business strategy.

The benefits of mobile implementation are countless, and as this technology develops, so can your business possibilities. When we talk mobile, we talk about not only about the integration with your core IBM i functionality, but also the experience you provide to the end user and literally taking your data… mobile.

The benefits of mobile-enablement are obvious however our experience has shown that many companies use perceived roadblocks as an excuse for not modernizing and mobile enabling their applications. Did you know: 

“60% of analysts and 60% of solution providers agree that integration with legacy systems is the main obstacle to mobile implementation”

Typical set-backs include a lack of expertise in application modernization, integration issues, or a perception that mobile implementation requires large-scale changes to employee skill sets. Our experts assist businesses everyday in overcoming such roadblocks, enabling effective mobile integration and delivery to the widest possible market.

Take BakerCorp for example, an equipment rental provider to a growing number of industries. BakerCorp needed to leverage their existing RPG application. They needed to access their IBM i data and business logic, to reface of their existing applications, and mobile-enable their IBM i.

The chosen solution enabled real-time mobile access of their IBM i applications to iPads, and allowed their users to securely access necessary data while out in the field. This increased productivity and saved over 3500 wasted hours each month for field staff, when accessing customer and inventory information.

 “37 per cent of employees are now working from multiple locations and 82 per cent of these workers are using mobile apps when they do so” 

Companies such as BakerCorp contribute to these growing stats, as the need for mobile-enablement grows at a phenomenal rate. You can read BakerCorp’s story here.

Whatever your roadblocks, take the time to talk with us. Not only do looksoftware experts provide flexible solutions, we also partner with some of the world’s leading application vendors and IBM i experts. Plus, we are devoted to continuously developing innovative solutions for the platform we love.

IBM i to mobile with looksoftware Our latest webinar focuses on removing roadblocks and getting your IBM i application mobile. So please share this information or register to receive an on-demand recording.

Please also take a look at the infographic on 8 Reasons to take your IBM i Apps Mobile.

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