The IBM i RPG Dude - Part 3 - Integration

Posted by Pascal Polverini on Apr 23, 2014 12:00:00 PM

The third installment of the life of our RPG Dude - We have learned how the life of this RPG Dude has changed with Design & Globalization benefits of RPGOA. Now we find out how the integration between processes and workflow of RPGOA and looksoftware's IDE, benefits his applications on the IBM i... and his life ;)

If you are eager to learn more and see how such functionalities can enhance your business and applications, please utilize the following links or request a free assessment.

Learn more about RPG OA   

The power of RPGOA with openlook

Pascal Polverini
Pascal Polverini
IBM i ISV Advisory Council


Topics: IBM i, RPG Open Access, looksoftware, DDS