The IBM i RPG Dude - Part 4a - OpenDSPF Drag&Drop

Posted by Pascal Polverini on Aug 28, 2014 12:54:00 AM


In previous episodes of the life of our RPG Dude, he covered the key points of Design, Globalization and Integration of RPGOA functionality. It changed his life, that of his boss and others around him on the IBM i.

In the next installments, our RPG Dude delves into the fundamental technology of Open Display Files (OpenDSPF), and how combined functionalities power your mobile and application modernization efforts, from Drag & Drop Design to Reference Fields and GUI and DOM control.

View this episode titled: The RPG Dude on Open Display File Technology for your IBM i - Drag & Drop Design - RPG Generation.

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A few great references for you via these buttons below: 

Learn more about RPG OA      

Learn more about OpenDSPF


Pascal Polverini
Pascal Polverini
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