Time to manage and optimize your IBM i Applications

Posted by Sanat Dickson on Jan 10, 2015 1:37:15 AM


Time. Time is an essential component to the success of any project at hand within any business, particularly, the business of managing and optimizing your IBM i applications.

There is more pressure to stay up to date with industry trends, new fads, or requests from employees or customers. Genuine time spent on development and research, planning your strategy or tactics for the next phase of your project, becomes less of a priority. This is because you may be spending too much time sorting through the complexity of your existing legacy apps.


So how does one make time, and not just “time”, but quality time in which to brainstorm and investigate the goals, objectives and stages of execution and analysis, with organized code and resources, to ensure progression for the success of your project?

Well that’s a loaded question with a loaded answer. As you are aware, there are many ways to make time. In today’s blog, we will focus on the foundations of your legacy applications.

Whether it is implementing a new UI, enhancing the User Experience of your applications or taking your applications to the web, there are certain components you need to make “time” for. It is within the research and development phase of your project where the real nuts and bolts for your strategy will develop. This research and development should be based on optimized applications.

With our recent webinar series we were yet again confounded with the results that prove the ongoing challenges within achieving application modernization success. 48% of webinar attendees are under pressure to innovate beyond competitors, 33% want to lower business costs, another 33% need to reduce training and onboarding. These are all areas where time needs to be spent. However, not with mismanaged and unorganized code and applications, heaven forbid it! By saving time to train employees with streamlined and organized applications in front of them, this is time better spent elsewhere; whether it be improving your UI or innovating beyond your competitors.

You can begin by improving and optimizing your applications. Managing your legacy applications with better efficiency will provide your organization with the competitive edge you need today. A streamlined process will allow you to access your critical data and make the informed decision you need to make for the projects going forth. By improving the organization of your code, you can reduce maintenance and testing efforts, and have your code better managed, which makes it easier to train and onboard new staff. 

You know that the complexity of your code can easily be simplified. You know that management and better organization of your legacy applications is crucial to your business success. There are many fantastic automated tools and applications that can be used to enhance what you already have. Yet, if your legacy applications are not managed and optimized, your scope is limited as to the information you have available within your business and its potential. So, how can you move forward with confidence and innovation? 


Manage your applications better, optimize the information you already have, and voilá! Time is now on your side! You can now get your new staff members to work autonomously, begin innovating your solutions and products, and allow for more effective application of your time to IT department projects, and delivering innovative solutions into your industry space.

I am not about to leave you in the lurch with the “O.K so what now?” question, lingering in your mind. I am going to invite you to jump on board an informative webinar given by our colleagues and true experts within this area. People do not get to this stage of their career without hard work and successful application and implementation of their knowledge and practices. Just as your business will not reach the success with it’s already existing potential, without a solid foundation and understanding of such successful implementation. 

I encourage you to join us on January 3 for a presentation on How to better manage and optimize your application. From there, you can use the information to focus on driving your key applications forward in to tomorrow for the next phase of the IT era. 

May 2015 be one of success for you all, and may we be able to be part of this success with you. Until next time.

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