The IBM i RPG Dude - Part 4c - OpenDSPF Drag&Drop Reference Fields

Posted by Pascal Polverini on Aug 31, 2014 10:07:39 PM

The RPG Dude highlights key points on DB and Drag & Drop fields in this episode, to directly design fields with their definition and also label onto the display.

Tell the RPG Dude what you would like to learn about in the comments section below.

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Topics: IBM i, GUI, RPG Open Access, IDE, looksoftware, DDS

The looksoftware SDK

Posted by Vas Mintzikos on Sep 20, 2013 1:18:00 AM

The looksoftware SDK is a packaged solution containing a large selection of samples showcasing commonly used and requested functionality.

These samples can be reused as-is or as starting points for your own projects.

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Topics: Application Modernization, Application Integration, soarchitect, newlook, IDE, SDK, looksoftware

Hidden Gems with looksoftware - Change History Management

Posted by Vas Mintzikos on Sep 18, 2013 1:25:00 AM

Hidden Gems: Part 1

With every major release of the looksoftware product suite a bunch of new features are made available. However we often find that some of those features are misunderstood, underutilized and occasionally overlooked to the detriment to both you, the developer, and the solutions you create.

As part of an ongoing series we plan to revisit the product features that historically have fallen into the "Hidden Gem" category.

The first of these underutilized features is Change History Management within the looksoftware IDE which we'll discuss in further detail.

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Topics: IBM i, soarchitect, newlook, IDE, looksoftware