Hidden Gems for IBM i – Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Posted by Francisco Hoya on Oct 13, 2013 11:00:00 PM

RPC is definitely one of the hidden gems on IBM i.  

RPC can easily call IBM i commands, IBM i APIs and IBM i Program objects without any setup of the complexities such as driver installation, or the injection of code into IBM i programs. In order to use RPC you just need to start the RPC server on the IBM i (which is typically started by default) and then call it. It’s simple and powerful and brings IBM i applications to remote devices.

In the following examples I will show you how useful RPC can be with looksoftware products, and hopefully it will provide you with ideas to extend and modernize your own IBM i applications.

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Topics: IBM i, RPG Open Access, Application Modernization, RPC, SQL