What can SmartFrame do for your IBM i?

Posted by Yuliana Iskandar on May 12, 2014 11:00:00 AM


What is SmartFrame?

The looksoftware SmartFrame is designed to deliver the looksoftware smartclient in a browser environment. The SmartFrame wraps a web design around the looksoftware ActiveX SmartClient control.

This approach provides for HTML styling using CSS and a set of images for the web design. It provides a skin capability allowing you to customize to your specifications.

In conjunction with the newlook themes, images and visual controls used for the refacing and repurposing of the original application, your IBM i business applications can be delivered as modern web applications to your users.

An example of our SmartFrame solution is shown in the picture below:


With a SmartFrame solution you can deliver a custom web application to suit your business graphical design and user experience requirements.


How to get started:

The template for SmartFrame solution can be found under the Samples folder of the looksoftware install directory. For example: C:\looksoftware\Samples\BrowserTemplates\SmartFrame 

You can get started quickly by copying the SmartFrame folder into your own solution folder, for example: @custom\SmartFrame, and then modify a file to point to your solution file. The file that needs to be modified is called skinruntime.js under the SmartFrame\skin folder. The change required is for the Runtime option parameter, for example:

runtimeOptions                                                     = "-i@custom/custom.ini";

The next step is to merge ‘lookUI’ macro from @UI\UI.sid into your solution SID file.

Once these are done, you can start the SmartFrame by double clicking on SmartFrame.hta file.


More on SmartFrame:

There are basic skins available to showcase different web designs and provide an initial template for your own web design.

To extend the design further, a  plug-in capability has been included. Some basic plug-ins are available to allow the user to swap SmartFrame skins and to resize the SmartFrame to suit each user. More information on SmartFrame skins for multiple sizes can be found in the following link:



Documentation for the SmartFrame is available from here:


More SmartFrame samples with plugins are available from here:




Let me know if there are any other areas regarding the looksoftware suite you would like more information about. 

Yuli Iskandar
Yuli Iskandar
Support Team - looksoftware

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